What is this here?

We are making cartoon content as an ebook. We digitally process the manuscripts that were printed and published in the past, and republish them as ebooks.
The purpose of this work is twofold.
The first is for readers who want to see the past works of hits in Korea and the second is to provide an interesting and unique experience for the users of ebook devices that have appeared to us as the media develops.
This work has been done for about three years until now, and currently about 100 books of comic books are published and distributed as ebooks in Korea.
Everyone is interested in the culture of other countries in the world. As the development of science and culture grows, new interest and curiosity about it will increase.
There are many ways in which we can get to know the culture of other countries, but considering the time and economic situation, in this huge network of worlds we have only computers and smartphones - even though it is an indirect experience - You will be able to experience an interesting culture quickly and easily.
In the world of huge networks, we believe that comics are one of the best media to experience the culture of a certain country. So we want to communicate with each other through manga.
All the manga we have is a cartoon of a Korean artist.
We want to see comics from other countries. Korean readers also want to see the culture of other countries through comics.
Our suggestion is as follows. We pursue global distribution of comic books. Let's share the manga that you have - the manga that you have acquired distribution rights with - our manga. “Of course, we have already got the right to distribute from the original author.”
Let our comics meet your readers in your country, and your comics in our country.
If you are interested in our goals and suggestions please email us. “hamongfamily@gmail.com Mr. Kim Dong-Je"

thanks for reading.

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